Early Days

Introduction to Eventing in Color

Hello and welcome to my Eventing in Color blog! I’m an adult amateur eventer (I’m stretching the term a little bit here) with a lovely, young grey paint mare named Spirit. With this blog I hope to track our immersion into the sport of eventing, give my 2 cents as an adult amateur new to the sport, and of course, showcase an unusual breed for this discipline: the paint horse!

When I say I’m an eventer, I feel compelled to clarify that I haven’t done an actual 3-part horse trial at this point. So far, I’ve done a couple of combined tests/derbies at our local eventing facility and at my previous trainer’s barn. Five to be exact. In my next post, I’ll give you the history of my eventing and competition experience so far. But for now, here’s my current status: I’m in Ventura County, CA. I’ve just started with a new trainer, and I really enjoy her so far. I took a few lessons before Spirit arrived at the facility, and I just had my first lesson on Spirit this past weekend. My horse may have been covered in mud, and it may have been freezing, and in fact it even started raining halfway through our lesson, but I had a blast and I came away feeling both proud and excited. I can’t wait to see what the 2011 season will hold, and I finally felt that the time is right to take the plunge into blogging. I hope you enjoy!

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