Early Days

2 Goals for 2011

So, last night I was supposed to have my second lesson on Spirit with my new trainer, but she threw a shoe (a first for us) and I ended up riding a fantastic mare my good friend is leasing. As I was tacking up, I shared my two goals for the 2011 season with my trainer:

  1. To compete in a 3-part horse trials at any level.
  2. To compete in a 3-part horse trials at the Beginner Novice level.

Note the terminology “compete in”. I’m not saying that I need to place, or even that I can’t get disqualified, but I would like to participate in all 3 phases: dressage, cross country, and stadium jumping. And yes, by completing #2 I would indeed be completing #1, but since I have a hunch that I’ll be doing an “intro” or “starter” level before moving into BN, I figured I’d make the distinction between the two goals. I am just itching to get away from derbies and do a real trial!

So what did my trainer say about these 2 goals? Did I get her magical blessing? I did! They now have the stamp of approval and we’re gonna go for ’em. I know that the intro and starter levels are quite new to the sport and that people were going straight to Beginner Novice for years (in fact, BN itself is a relatively new level). But still, it was a relief to know that based on what she’s seen of myself and my horse, we can hack it at entry level eventing. :) I wonder if I will feel this excited about the prospect of an Intro horse trials in 5 years? I doubt it, but I sure am excited now.

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