Early Days

Countdown to our first schooling shows of 2011

So it’s official: Spirit and I have signed up for our first schooling shows of 2011! They’re at El Sueno Equestrian Center in Somis, just a short drive from my barn.

The first is on Saturday the 19th – we’re signed up for two Opportunity dressage tests: Training Test 1 and Training Test 3. I’ve been memorizing like mad, reviewing the letters of the full-size dressage court on my breaks from work, and moving my finger through the test. I must look like a crazy person to my coworkers!

Then we’ve got a schooling derby on Sunday the 27th! Unlike other derbies I’ve been in, this one is jumping only and does not have any dressage. I’m excited to get out there and see how we do under a little bit pressure (show nerves). The event poster boasts water obstacles and banks, so I’m excited to do both of those things as part of a course – I’ve only schooled those two in the past.

Goals for the events:

1. For the dressage show, I want to do the movements accurately and precisely.
2. I want to have good control of my transitions. For my up transitions, I don’t want to go running away for 5 strides – I want to go quickly (preferably straight into) a collected gait. For my down transitions, I don’t want them to feel like “splat”. That’s the best I can describe it for now.

3. For the jumping derby, I want to get through my bogie obstacle (down banks). Just live through it.
4. I want to be the one riding the course, rather that Spirit just taking me a long for the ride.

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