Early Days

Sunshine!…..or not

The sun has decided to come out and dry up the arenas, but unfortunately it’s slated to rain again this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, which will (likely) cancel my next upcoming show as well. Alas, this year’s show season has gotten off to a rocky start. A rainy start, rather. In fact, no start at all, due to the rain. Sheesh.

To top things off, Spirit somehow scratched her face and jaws all up. Pretty bad. I’ve been gooping them, but it still looks pretty bad.

On the bright side of things, I had a wonderful ride on Spirit last night. It had felt like forever since I’ve been on her. She certainly had a few bucks which we longed out of her first, but then she settled down to work nicely. I had so much fun and I’ll likely go ride again tonight, even though I have a lesson tomorrow. Just because our shows were cancelled doesn’t mean we can slack off on our studies – it’s not like Spirit comprehended that we had events coming up anyway.  Hopefully these schooling shows will get rescheduled – I need to get my feet wet before I can get to my real goals of 2011 – real Horse Trials!

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