Early Days

Nevermind on those schooling shows…

Unfortunately, both schooling shows were rained out. So much for jumping right into our competitive season! The worst part is that the venue has not yet announced replacement dates, and our other local eventing venue doesn’t have anything until May! My trainer and I are trying to figure out some other options – once something is lined up I’ll post it here, make some goals, and hopefully kick off 2011 officially!

Meanwhile, though, let me present to you a typical horse riding night for myself:

Yep. Darkness.
I get off of work at 5:30, and it takes 30 minutes to get to the barn, so its 6 pm by the time I show up. At this time of year, that means darkness and freezing cold. If you can see her, the grey mare is Spirit on the right, and on the left you can barely make out her paddock-mate, a chestnut and white Paint mare named Maui (also in training for eventing), who actually turns out to be Spirit’s half-sister! Small world. Anyway, high-five to everyone else who braves the darkness for their riding. I am so blessed to be at a facility that has some lights, and a trainer who is willing to come back to work late.

I’ve had two dressage lessons this week, and I’m feeling really good. We’re on a roll. Our second lesson was even in the rain, so my trainer and I get extra kudos for being hardcore. Okay, okay – it was more drizzly than raining. But it was dark!

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