Early Days


My amateur-ness will be on full display here… I am absolutely giddy to be heading to Twin Rivers in Paso Robles tomorrow to watch some of the horse trials! I’ve only seen one other horse trials (Shepherd Ranch in Santa Ynez), and I can’t wait to watch! We’ve got the best sport ever – how can baseball and basketball possibly compare? Why aren’t there thousands of people showing up to horse trials to watch? 

Good luck to my barn mates and their horses Kelly & Finn, Jordan & Honor, and Ashley & Brodie! You’re so inspirational. :)

Monday 3/7/11 Update:  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!  First of all, congratulations to Kelly, Jordan, and Ashley! Not only did all three of them have amazing rides and some personal bests, but they were incredibly competitive amongst so much great competition! It was so motivating to watch you!

This weekend really made my heart flutter with excitement and anticipation to get out there and do this myself. It looked so challenging and so much fun, and I really enjoyed being part of such a fun barn. I’ve been dreaming about it – night and day! I kept looking around at the courses thinking “these people must be crazy!”  and I can’t wait to be one of them!

Beautiful Twin Rivers! I’ll ride here someday…

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