Early Days

Progress just in time for Daylight Savings

Spirit and I have been having some fantastic rides lately. We’re learning new things, getting stronger, and figuring out how to multi-task better. We had an awesome lesson last night in our jump saddles (though it was a flat lesson) where we worked with and without stirrups, from two-point to light three-point to full seat transitions. I can’t wait to practice, practice, practice! To top it all off, we’ve got Daylight Savings tomorrow! That means that I’ll be able to jump during the week and won’t have to tack up and ride in the dark. I love sunlight. Especially sunset sunlight.

Unfortunately, we’ve been backsliding in terms of etiquette in the cross ties. Spirit may have developed too much muscle in her rear end, as she is going hay-wild with rearing! Sure, she used to do some mock-rears, where she lifted both front feet up but didn’t really lift her body. But the last two times I’ve tacked her up when she’s alone in the crossties, and she’s been downright dangerous! The first time was when it was raining and super dark, so I wrote it off to bad weather and didn’t make a huge fuss. But the second time, it was fairly light out still. Soothing voice didn’t help, small smacks with my hand didn’t help. Finally I had to get out a whip and some treats and be particularly dramatic with both the negative and positive reenforcement and that definitely helped. She doesn’t do it if there’s horses next to her in the crossties, so my trainer hasn’t really seen this behavior yet. Hopefully I’ll fix it before too long.

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