Early Days


Yesterday morning our boarding facility was struck by disaster – a landslide!

 All 63 horses were immediately evacuated as corrals were getting crumpled by the moving mountain. The entire facility is red-tagged by the Fire Department. Cause is still being investigated, though it is believed to be due to improper irrigation and planting practices by an orchard.

The horses have been moved to a neighboring barn, a very upscale facility. Spirit is enjoying her lovely diggs.

Yep. She had shavings all over her by the time I got there to check on things. Obviously she settled right in. Plus my trainer said she was a perfectly level-headed lady during all the chaos.

There’s a silver lining in every raincloud, and staying at this nice facility is like an unplanned horsie vacation! Myriad arenas, perfectly groomed. Lovely huge stalls with mats and amazing views. We’ll be here for at least a week or two, so hopefully I can find all of my tack in the jumble and get some good rides in!


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