Early Days

Perfect horse

I know that everyone in the world thinks that their horse is something special and perfect and no other could possibly compare. Well, in my case, its true! Spirit is just blowing me away, week after week.

Since my last post, we’ve been up to quite a bit. Firstly, we did a small hunter jumper show down in Newhall/Valencia area. We did a “blue/red schooling” class – in fact, we did it twice at two levels: 4 classes total. Even though it was a schooling class, it was judged (as a hunter class, I gather) and depending on if your score falls within the highest points level range, you get a blue ribbon, or the second highest points level range, a red ribbon. Or you can score below and get neither. I walked away with a red ribbon and felt rather pleased. Especially since we’re not hunters. I don’t really even know what the judging criterea area. In any case, we certainly did what we set out to do: jump boldly over new courses first time presented.

1’6″ class
2’6″ class

2’6″ class

Additionally, we’ve done great at our lessons. I’m feeling more secure in my position, and Spirit is just as willing as can be. :) Love my perfect horse.

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