Early Days

Another lovely ride

I was out of town for a few days – I flew back east for a wedding (111 degrees + killer humidity = I LOVE California!). Spirit got turned out, put on the hot walker, and all sort of treats and loving from her adoring care team.

She hadn’t been ridden in a week, but she was a perfect lady for me last night and we had a super fun jumping lesson.  We had good rhythm and balance, and managed to get over a one-stride double jump that I had measured completely wrong (making it 1.5 strides – sorry girl!). We did some jumps doing a fast canter/gallop, and that was a nice challenge. We’ve decided that Spirit’s new middle name is “Fabulous”. Spirit Fabulous. Has a nice ring to it.

After the lesson she got her shoes done, and we mapped out the rest of the competition season. Here it is, but I’ve also updated the Schedule and Goals page.

Sunday August 14th – ETI Show in Simi Valley (Laurie can’t be there – she’s gonna be at Woodside with some of her other clients). This is just a low-key exercise for Spirit and I to work on (A) jumping over new jumps, first time presented, (B) demonstrate good rhythm and balance even in a new setting [I’m pretty sure hunters classes values this], and (C) have fun. Well, having fun is really #1. You know what I mean.

Sunday August 28 – Camelot H/J Show in Newhall. Another fun little show to build confidence and demonstrate our ability to perform on demand. Laurie’s other client(s) will also attend, so it will be a fun barn day.

Sat & Sun September 17 and 18 – Meadows of Moorpark Horse Trials. It’s close, it’s affordable, and it will be a good preparation show for my next HT.

Sat & Sun October 22 – 23 – Ram Tap Horse Trials in Fresno. Likely my last show of the season.

April 2012 – Twin Rivers HT in Paso Robles. =)

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