Early Days

We are Hot

We are hot in every sense of the word. I got my hair done so I feel like a million bucks. And Spirit is just always gorgeous. But seriously it felt like an oven this past weekend, so our jumping lesson was short and sweet.

My warm-up consisted of half-arena of trot and canter each direction, because who’s-kidding-who? we were well past warm even just tacking up! We did a lovely gymnastics grid which forced Spirit to think about her body and the jumps, and was great practice for me regaining control after a series of jumps going downhill. I could feel Spirit looking at the jumps and thinking about her feet, and it was really awesome. She was waiting and quiet, but really got up and over those jumps.

We sent in our entries for the Meadows of Moorpark Horse Trials September 17-18. I’m pretty darn excited! Already sorting tack and cleaning my boots…

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