Early Days


“Sisters…Sisters…There were never such devoted sisters…” Aaah I love a good nostalgic song from a classic movie. But I digress. Allow me to introduce Spirit’s new BFF – her half-sister Ella!

Oh wait, my bad, that is the PIE that her loving mommy baked for her to welcome her to Rancho following a very long trailer trip. 

Ahh, sweet Ella. She is one year older than Spirit, and they share the same sire, Tribal King. Here’s daddy-o:

Ain’t he handsome? Yeah, well Ella and Spirit lived at the same barn for a while, but they didn’t live near each other and I don’t think they even interacted with each other. Then Ella moved out of the barn, then moved across the country to where it is lush and green! 

This is Ella’s favorite position. It alludes to the degree of *spoiled* that she is. =) And this horse honestly doesn’t know how good her life is. I love it – that’s how horses should live. 
Well, Ella is now back in California and living in the stall across from Spirit. They are total girlfriends now – they snicker for each other when they leave, really enjoy getting turned out next to each other, etc. 
What is amazing for me to see is how athletic Ella is. She is a breeding stock Paint, but looks like a warmblood. She carries herself so nicely and moves like a pro. She jumps like a dream. She’s just a sweet, sensitive, lovely mare.  Not to mention she loves to cuddle. It shows me what Spirit’s potential is, and inspires me to ask more of Spirit so she can get to that place as well. 

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