Early Days

Psyching Up!

(Pre-Ram Tap post….don’t know why it didn’t go up!…Here it is now)

Seriously, if my stirrup leather hadn’t broke at the June Shepherd Ranch HT, I feel pretty certain that I would have made it through XC. And if I had the normal rules for stadium rather than one-refusal-and-you’re-out, I would have made it through that too. So why am I nervous about not being able to get through the darn competition?!?!? Sheesh, self – get with it!

I’ve been trying to visualize success and get myself mentally psyched up for a positive and productive weekend. This is a two-day event, so I’ll have dressage Saturday morning, stadium Saturday afternoon, then cross-country on Sunday afternoon.

Mental buzzwords to meditate on for each section:

  • Calm
  • Uphill
  • Soft
  • Round
  • Fun


  • Forward
  • Slow
  • Rhythm 
  • Fun

Cross Country
  • Forward
  • Forward
  • Forward
  • Fun

I’ve been

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