Early Days

Galway Downs Clinic/School (?)

The question mark signifies my hesitation to write about an upcoming event that isn’t fully official yet. I feel like 80% of my horsie events this year have gotten cancelled, so I’m afraid to get excited about them. But here goes anyway. We are going to ride with Jil Walton on Sunday at Galway Downs. Yeah, the Olympian, Jil Walton we were going to clinic with in January.

I’m really excited to get another cross country school in so soon –  our recent xc schooling at the Meadows two weeks ago showed that we still have issues. Still. Gotta freaking get those taken care of ASAP. As Jessica reminded me the other day, why drop $1,000+ on an event if I can’t even get through a $60 XC school clean? I dunno…but that’s what I was doing last year. Its nice to have intelligent friends to inject healthy doses of rationalism into a crazy, eager-to-get-out-there horsey person mind. Yeah. Clean schooling before an event – really quite a brilliant notion.

So, time to meditate on the following: FORWARD. No stopping, dodging, rearing, getting run away with, etc. Just clean, SLOW, controlled, uphill movement to and over the fences.

I’ve got a dressage lesson tonight, a jump lesson tomorrow, then the schooling Sunday. Oh and somewhere in there I have to finish all the music and emcee planning for the wedding. =)  We’re officially one month away from the big event.

Last but not least, I’m sending my warm thoughts and good luck vibes to Nicku and Pongo of The Polka Dot Periodical as they compete at the Ram Tap Horse Trials this weekend!

1 comment on “Galway Downs Clinic/School (?)

  1. Yes, successful schooling. What an interesting idea. ;-) Let us know how it goes (AND GET PICTURES!!!!).


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