Early Days


Time to step away from my own situation and spend a quick minute promoting an activity that benefits everyone: volunteering!

If you have not volunteered at a horse show or other event, make the time this year to do it. Not only is it a mitzvah (good deed) that will warm your heart, but it is a way to express your gratitude stronger than words could. Show organizers work very hard, and oftentimes have a thankless job, and depend on volunteer support to make everything go smoothly. 
If you’ve ever been to a show where you spotted a safety concern, logistical problem, or had other issues, let those experiences motivate you to volunteer: when you are helping out, you can make sure those don’t happen! And if you’ve been to a show that was run really smoothly and every class was on time, let that also motivate you to volunteer: you can help pass that experience on to other riders!
I’m proud to have volunteered at Galway Downs and at Ram Tap. Galway Downs even provides you with gift certificates good for schoolings – a nice bonus!  You can learn a lot from volunteering – just keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll be amazing what you learn about the sport, event management, and interesting tid-bits about other competitors and their horses!
In addition to my adventures on horseback, I am a proud member of the Young Leaders Society of Ventura County, which is an affiliated with the United Way. I feel that giving back to the community is something that everyone should commit to – it helps make the world a better place. Not to mention, its a great way to meet wonderful people and have fun! 

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