Early Days

Wedding & Windwalker Ranch

Wow. Life has been quite amazing and full.

I got married on March 17 to the most amazing man I’ve ever known. I am now Mrs. Rune. =) It was truly a magical day.

We immediately took an amazing honeymoon vacation – a Regent cruise to the Caribbean and Central America. It was awesome.

I’m so blessed to have Rick in my life, as well as an incredibly supportive group of family and friends (including my cyber blog friends) – thank you to everyone for the well wishes.

Meanwhile, back in California, Spirit was moved to Windwalker Ranch in Somis.

A nice stall with a view of the orchards.
With boyfriend Storm right next door.

 A small ranch tour from North to South:

Main drive way and parking area. Dressage court on the far right.

Front of the main barn.
View of the hot walker (on right), and longe pen (on left).
Jumping arena.

Spirit in the nice large longe pen.

The facility is awash with orange groves!

Well, my first lesson is tomorrow night and I’m definitely excited. Spirit has been getting lots of love and attention (and training rides! woo hoo!) while I’ve been away, so I can’t wait to get on her and see how she feels.

Off to catch up on 3 weeks of blog reading!

6 comments on “Wedding & Windwalker Ranch

  1. Congrats!! You look BEAUTIFUL in your pictures!

    Love the new digs. Seems like Spirit agrees!


  2. Congratulations! What a beautiful day. Feel free to share more photos any time you feel like it :) :) :)

    Good luck for your first lesson, too.


  3. Congratulations and welcome home! We showed in Santa Barbara this weekend, but will be at Hanson Dam on the 29th for a schooling show. They have great jumping arenas and lots of shows. Any chance it's on your schedule? :0)


  4. Congrats!!! :)

    The new barn looks awesome!


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