Early Days

Eventers are Crazy

Okay, okay, so I’ve only been jumping for ~2 years. But still, part of my brain thinks that people who willingly do upper level cross country have got a death wish. Even when the pros do it (and now I know enough to see how well they are riding – way beyond my skill level), it still freaks me out.

I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks this way. But since I write this blog to chronicle my ever evolving perspective on the sport, I felt compelled to share that as of right now, I still think people who do Rolex are nutso. I thought this before I did eventing, I thought it when I competed at intro levels, and I think it now. We’ll see how this changes. I used to think Novice looked like the jaws of hell, and now I think its “doable, but challenging.”  In fact, Prelim is my current “scary as hell” lower limit.

Sinead Halpin & Manoir de Carneville – Rolex 2011 XC
Sharon White and Rafferty’s Rules: XC The Fork, Advanced B, April 2012
Amy Ruth Borun and Santa’s Playboy CIC*** Jersey Fresh 2011
She is an amateur who started riding in her 20s (she’s in her 40s now).

1 comment on “Eventers are Crazy

  1. It really does depend on the horse you're sitting on. I could not imagine even wanting to do novice until I started looking through Cuna's ears.


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