Early Days


So I found out yesterday that the Meadows derby was cancelled. Not enough entries, I guess. Word isn’t “official” yet but I heard it from my trainer who heard it from the organizers. I’m bummed. And now feeling a bit aimless. Every single show/clinic/schooling I’ve tried to do this year has been cancelled, with the exception of one XC schooling which went pretty badly. 2012 is almost 1/3 over, and all I’ve accomplished with horses is zip. The whole wedding and honeymoon thing gives me a free pass for some of it…but still.

Overall I’m feeling kinda “bleh” right now. Unmotivated, unfocused, unenergized. I’m normally an upbeat, optimistic person, *especially* when it comes to matters of the horse, but I’ve just been in a funk since Wednesday’s awkward lesson.

I just poured a cup of coffee for myself at work. And its cold. Sigh.

I’m getting 2 lessons tomorrow – first on Elton, then Spirit. Hopefully I’ll get back into a more positive and hopeful state of mind. I’ve offered to organize a barn meeting for my trainer – basically a time for us all to get together with our calendars and list of shows we each want to do, and all get on the same page about the rest of the competition season. Trying to make Laurie’s life easier since she does so much for me. Maybe that will help my attitude too.

On a different note, GOOD LUCK to everyone at Twin Rivers this weekend! Sure to be a gorgeous weekend – I just love that facility. Special happy vibes to Ashley S. (who I think is manning some cameras – have fun girl!), and to Tylia S. who is competing on Arame (currently 1st place as of this posting – hooray!).
Twin Rivers’ Website.
Check scores here.

2 comments on “Bleh

  1. Um… in my part of the country, the first 1/3 doesn't even count because it's cold and nasty. Microwave your coffee, make a new plan, and roll with it girlie. :-) Going to be an adventure.


  2. Boo! Keep your head up! If it makes you feel any better I haven't gone to any shows either and the local schooling ones I was planning to are all canceled/not running :(

    Hope your lessons tomorrow are awesome!


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