Early Days

A Rose By Any Other Name…

Names have power. Or so many ancient and not-so-ancient religions/spiritualities believe (Judaism, Hinduism, Wicca, etc).

So, time to flex our power and find the *perfect* name for this handsome boy:

Someone enjoys his new stall: a 12×24 half-covered pipe corral.

Registered Name (Jockey Club): Bohemian Spirit
Special history: Ex-racehorse used in filming HBO TV series “Luck”
Most evident personality traits: Friendly, Calm, Willing

So, there are 2 names I need to figure out for this guy:
1. Barn name. For day-to-day use.
2. Formal name. To use at shows and to register with any groups or associations.

Firstly, I really like “Bohemian” a lot. It really suits his personality. I want to keep it.

Secondly, I want to honor his movie-star past (which led him to me) by including the name “Luck” or something very much related.

So, for barn name, here are the top 3 names I’ve come up with:

1. Hemie (pronounced: He-Me  vowels are same sound – long E as in tree or knee). Basically its a shortened version of Bohemian that isn’t “Bo.”
Pros: It sounds cute. It’s strongly tied to Bohemian, and by extension his laid-back personality. I can still call him Bohemian sometimes and it wouldn’t be weird. Its easy to say. It’s unique.
Cons: I have to give a pronunciation guide when writing. Otherwise it reads like “Hemi” – you know, the truck engine (Heh-me  first part rhymes with “bleh”). That doesn’t really bother me that much – Hemi was another name I liked too. Hemi, Hemie, close enough.

2. Chance. It’s masculine, is the French word for luck, and it symbolizes the unlikely situation of me getting him.
Pros: It ties to the luck concept. It has positive connotation. It ties to him being willing – he gives things a chance.
Cons: Sounds like a dog’s name. My husband thought it was too much of a “human” name, though I only know 1 person named Chance and its a nick-name.

3. Boon. An unexpected stroke of luck or a windfall.
Pros: Easy to say, easy to write. Very unique. Masculine sounding.
Cons: Sounds like “Boo”, which is too common. Doesn’t quite go with his personality, more symbolizes my good fortune as his owner.

For now we’re trying out Hemie to see how that feels for a bit. If it doesn’t sit well after a few days we may have to try “Chance” on for size. But I would LOVE to know what you think! Please feel free to email me or leave a comment below (that emails me too) with your opinion. =)

As for registered name, I’m thinking:
Luck of the Bohemian
Bohemian Luck
Bohemian’s Luck
Lucky Bohemian


6 comments on “A Rose By Any Other Name…

  1. I like Hemie, i think its rather cute and very catchy! However all great choices and trust yourself on the right name :) whatever it maybe it will fit just perfectly! And I LOVE bohemian's luck!

    Good luck on your new adventures with such a handsome boy! Cant wait to read more about them!


  2. I like Hemie too!

    Oh and Bohemian's Luck


  3. What's wrong with Bo? It's the easiest and most obvious.


  4. My first horse (and love of my life) was named Bo. So, I want a different name for this guy, though I took it as a good omen that “Bo” was in his name. =)


  5. What about Boho for a barn name?


  6. I like it general, but its a bit too close to “Bo” (my previous horses name) which I want to keep some distance from. =) Thank you though!


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