Early Days

Hemie meets Levi

This weekend was pretty relaxed on the horse front. Sadly I was out of town Friday and Saturday for a funeral, but I went out to see Hemie on Sunday and brought my little dog Levi. Levi is a schnauzer-cairn terrier mix (or so the adoption paperwork says) and this was his first time meeting Mr. Heems. They got along great.

 Hemie has been going through saddle pads like nobody’s business. For having such a thin coat, I simply do not understand how he gets so dirty. I put in twice the elbow grease when cleaning him, but he’s still incredibly dirty! I finally had the great idea to bring a baby pad to take to the barn, so that my washing machine doesn’t have a premature death from saddle pad washing.

Well, this baby pad started off white. As in starched white. Granted it was a hot day, but by the end of our ride this pad was 100% drenched in sweat (literally completely soaked), and is a remarkable display of how much dirt I was NOT able to groom off of Hemie before the ride. How embarrassing! Seriously, I *did* groom before the ride. Sigh. At least it shows that the saddle is sitting pretty evenly on his back.

2 comments on “Hemie meets Levi

  1. It's that time of year. It's so dry in the west that dust gets in to everything and saddle pad washing is just the price we pay. :)


  2. Seriously! I guess its not a bad trade-off for fabulous weather.


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