Early Days

A small pity party

In true SprinklerBandit fashion, I would like to have a moment of silence for my wallet. It is “too light” as my fav stand-up comedian Brian Regan would say. New horse = shoes, vet/shots, another vet/teeth, lots of extra feed for Mr. Skinny-pants, and tack to fit him (girth, halter, sheepskin pad). And we just got notice that board is increasing. Another $40 a month I need to find.
{Silence} Sigh.
To make matters worse, my BFF is moving her horse away and we’ll no longer be in training together. She and I took the dive into Eventing together 3 year ago, but sometimes good things do come to an end. I gave Storm an extra kiss last night since he moved this morning – gonna miss riding with Jess and snugging with my favorite Godhorse (I’m his Godmother). 
There’s more.  The other other gal who rides in the evenings, J.D. who owns the fabulous Pixie Dust, is moving her horse due to the board increase.
So I’m gonna be having even more alone rides than before. Woe is me. Seriously though. =(
Okay, pity party has concluded. Thanks for listening. Time to combat the sadness with my top horse-related things to be thankful for:
  1. Amazing, sound horse.
  2. Fabulous, affordable trainer.
  3. Generosity of others (TBRCI & HBO for Hemie, reins & boots from trainer to fit him, etc).
  4. Boarding facility caretaker I can trust.
  5. Supportive husband and family. 
Okay. Feeling better already. “It could always be worse” as they say. And I truly am very blessed to be able to have horses in my life, especially one as smart and handsome and cute as Hemie. 

4 comments on “A small pity party

  1. bummer about the friends leaving :( How come board is going up so much? I'd be screwed if board when up $40 a month!

    But yes you have great things to be grateful for!


  2. Yeah seriously! The facility manager said “increasing costs” are the reason board went up. The consensus among boarders is that she is not managing the money side very well. She just spent oodles of dollars buying materials and making grain/storage boxes to sit outside of every stall, without asking boarders if they even wanted them, and they are made of (get this) PARTICLEBOARD! They'll rot after the next rain. Money down the drain. I am hoping my trainer will be on the lookout for cheaper accommodations for us.


  3. We just had a board increase too. :-/ Hurts the wallet quite a lot. My sympathies there.


  4. Hay just dropped quite a bit in price as well. I am surprised board went up NOW. Does seem suspicious. And wooden storage boxes made of particle board are a waste of money. A rubbermade tote at $5.00 would be a better, longer lasting option.

    Sorry about the increase … (mine went up a few months ago and will go up again in October – $50 total)



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