Early Days

Stacked Cavalettis

Okay, the pity party is behind us and we’re back to the normal (positive outlook) broadcast. Let me show you what we jumped this weekend:
Yeah, baby! Note the two cavalettis underneath –  that was our “oxer” (which we’ve only done once before). We did that oxer a few times at the end of our jump lesson. Then Laurie said “let me make this a little higher” and threw up that third one. It may only be like 2 feet high, but still – the jump size DOUBLED! How did Hemie do? Like a pro. He was straight and balanced and popped over like it hadn’t just doubled in size. :::warm fuzzy feeling:::
Now let me present our challenge jump of the weekend:

Yep – maybe 8 inches high, but Hemie really thought that going around was a better idea. We conquered it in a few tries, and it helped me learn the fine line between encouraging him to jump without pressuring him to jump. I had kissed at him in what I thought was an encouraging way, but it made him nervous. I think only practice will help me do this correctly.
Still needing the Corona ointment regularly   =(

Our feeding schedule has changed. I’m now just doing beet pulp and rice bran (and canola oil until our bottle runs out). No more Senior or SafeChoice Perform. He has put on a good amount of weight while my wallet has become much too empty, so I’m gonna try this out while keeping an eye on him. I think it will be fine – he gets a nice large scoop of rice bran so his fat intake should be good.

And lastly, we have reached the month of JULY. You know what that means? Our first show. At the end of the month. We had earmarked the Santa Ynez huter/jumper show on Sunday the 29th, but there’s a show the day before at Stradivarius in Santa Paula. Strad is much closer and only slightly more expensive in fees, so I think that is the way we’ll go. Either way…just one month until our FIRST SHOW!!!

4 comments on “Stacked Cavalettis

  1. yay first show! You can do it :)


  2. It looks HUGE to this dressage gal! I can't wait to hear how you do! And BTW, my TB gets lots of alfalfa and a beet pulp/rice bran mash. Even though he's getting worked five days a week, I cut the rice bran for now. With the warmer weather, he's not burning through the calories and is holding his weight just fine without the rice bran. Hemie will probably do great!


  3. How did the first show go? I found your blog when I googled “colored cavalettis” – makes sense :-)
    If you're ever looking to really “event in color” I just added a new product to my online horse tack store – Cavaletti Blocks that come in a bunch of different colors. Shoot me an email though the site and I”ll give you a coupon code :-)



  4. Hi Carl, thanks for the link and the discount offer, though the facilities and/or jumping trainers are the ones who buy the jumps in my neck of the woods. If you want to find out about our first show went you can check out the post at: http://eventingincolor.blogspot.com/2012/07/first-show-report.html


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