Early Days

Last Minute Entry for 2nd Show

Tomorrow Hemie and I are headed back to Stradivarius Farms in Santa Paula – the scene of the crime of our 1st show – to give it another go and hopefully have a blast. Its kinda last minute, as other gals from the barn are going to a dressage show at a different facility, and since Laurie can’t be in two places at once I just assumed that I wasn’t going to be able to participate tomorrow.

Sometimes its fabulous to be wrong. =)

We’ve had very positive rides since our first show 4 weeks ago, including a fabulous first real XC school the following weekend. He hasn’t had any meltdowns, and now gets straight and un-stuck much faster. In other words, his issues are showing up much less dramatically, and less frequently as well.

My goal for our 2nd show is the same as the one for our 1st: for both Hemie and I to both have a good time.

In my heart of hearts, an additional goal of mine is to not fall off.  ;]

So how can my trainer be in two places at once, you ask? Well, that’s not all that clear right now, actually. She’s hauling myself and another gal to Strad, then leaving to attend the dressage tests (possibly warm up) of the other gals, then heading back. Dressage tests are assigned specific ride times, but hunter/jumper shows just go in class order and it depends on the number of riders, so there is really no way to time it. Laurie said to me today that hopefully she’ll make it back in time to be there for me, but that she was confident I would do okay on my own without her if not.

I’m not quite as confident. Not confident at all really.

Oh well, no sense in worrying about it too much. Either she’s back in time or she isn’t – either I’ll feel confident in that moment or I wont. If not, I won’t risk jeopardizing my goal of having a fun time. Should Laurie not make it back and should I not feel confident enough to enter without her (we’re talking cross-rails here), I’ll wait for her to get back and then we’ll just play in the warm up arena. That’s the Plan B.

Wish us luck!

2 comments on “Last Minute Entry for 2nd Show

  1. good luck!! I am sure that is will be way better then the first time :)


  2. My fingers are crossed for your success. It sounds as though you've done everything you can to have a good day. Each time you and Hemie go out, it will get better. :0)


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