Early Days

Rider Fitness

Readers, I have a confession. The only photos I post on this blog or on my facebook page or anywhere have been carefully screened by yours truly so that I am presented in as flattering a way as possible. To get a more realistic idea of what I look like, take those photos and mentally add 10 pounds (9 lbs of fat, 1 lb of dirt I always seem to get covered in at the barn).

Having bounced between overweight to “could stand to lose a few” throughout my life, fitness and physique have always been a hot topic for me. I’ve been on diets and exercise programs galore. But I’ve always felt generally healthy and fit, and prided myself on my horse riding muscles (you know, like when your husband playfully slaps your derriere then goes “ouch” and shakes his hand).

I’ve decided that I’m not satisfied with my current level of physical fitness, nor with my appearance. I’d like to increase my strength and stamina, look better in breeches, and improve my body alignment/posture especially in my hips. If anyone would like to join me, I’d love to have a fellow equestrian motivation buddy! I’m ruminating on exactly how I’m going to reach my goals, but I’ll report back next week on this topic. In the meantime, I’m gonna go refill my water…


6 comments on “Rider Fitness

  1. Go for it! Even skinny people need to be more fit. Share your plan. We'll all benefit and EVERYONE has a few pounds to shed. Inspire us. :0)


  2. I'm on week 4 of eating right (Lose It App), actually weight training twice a week and riding 2 horses every other day. I feel fantastic and am super glad I made this change in my life :) I'll be here if you want encouragement and support and the rest of the equine community can help keep me honest!


  3. Oohh! Me! Me! I need this – I'm always saying I need to do something so I don't look like a sack of very, lumpy potatoes sitting atop my mighty steed. Let me know how you want it to work and I'm totally down.


  4. Ugh. I so don't want to do this, but I probably need the motivation. Hard to want to do much when it's 100f and smokey. I'm excited to see what you come up with.


  5. I'm in the same boat! Getting back on track with exercise is tough, but we can both do it. :)


  6. Hi there! I just clicked over here from SprinklerBandits and wanted to introduce myself as a fellow AA trying to learn the eventing ropes. And I'm a huge rider fitness advocate, so I love this! Getting in shape did so much for my riding, I swear I took an extra 6 months of lessons last year. Good luck!


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