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Rider Fitness: Accountability Challenge

It’s nice to discover you’re not the only equestrienne who wants to look and feel healthier. Birds of a feather…misery loves company…or some such. Thanks to everyone who commented on my rider fitness post where I decided to come clean with my need to get more fit and drop some flab. To all who are in the same boat, I have devised a plan. I welcome you to join me.

Allow me to present the 5 Week Accountability Challenge. Here is how it will work:

(A) Pick or create a diet and exercise plan that you will follow for 5 weeks.
(B) Select a reward you will give yourself should you complete all 5 weeks of staying “on plan.”
(C) There will also be a weekly bonus challenge that I will think up.
(D) Email the plan and reward to me, or post it in comments if you’re okay sharing with others. Keep me updated at least once per week. Also you are holding me accountable as well.

The challenge officially starts this coming Monday August 27th. So grab that last doughnut and savor every morsel while you think about a system you can follow for 5 weeks.

All people who follow their diet and exercise plan for all 5 weeks and who complete all 5 of the weekly bonus challenges will receive a prize:

That’s right, an eventing medical armband. I’ll even print the USEA medical insert on your choice of colored paper. If  you’re not an eventer or don’t want an armband, I will print you a custom bookmark for your horsie reading. Consider it the cherry on top of your own reward (though I’m sure you’re quivering with delight at the thought of having this fancy plastic to strap to your arm.)

Now, for the accountability part. I promise to reply to every comment and email I receive so we can hold each other accountable for sticking to our plans. Post or email as often as you like, but at least once per week to check in and let me know how it’s going with your plan.

Remember, pick or create a plan that you can actually stick to for 5 weeks. It can be as simple as “no soda” or as complex as an Atkins/Eat.Stop.Eat/Paleo combo. With this particular challenge, the reward comes not from dropping lbs or going down a breeches size, but is for sticking to your plan: you’re rewarding behavior, not results. We are establishing healthy habits here.

Why 5 weeks, you ask? Because 4 sounded short and 6 sounded long.

PS – I bought the medical armbands in bulk and sell them for $6 each, so even if you don’t get through the challenge but you want an armband, let me know and I’d be happy to sell you some. Free shipping.

1 comment on “Rider Fitness: Accountability Challenge

  1. I'm down, though I'm not an eventer so armband not necessary lol.

    My fitness plan that I've been on is to ride 3-4 days a week for 2ish hours, with 2 times a week weight lifitng for 1 hour, and a 30 minutes run 1-2 times a week. My weekly schedule changes and I post it up on a sidebar on my blog.

    My diet plan is to stick to my “Lose It” App schedule (wee 4 weeks so far!) If people want to use Lose It and want to friend me let me know, its pretty awesome.

    My reward will be… uhmm.. hmm.. I'll need to think about that.


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