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Rider Fitness: Week 2 – Accountability Challenge

Well, it appears I made the challenge too challenging – not only has no one joined me, but I couldn’t even follow my own plan for one week. Ouch.

Since half the name is accountability, I feel obligated to truthfully summarize week 1. Then we’ll move quickly onto horse stuff.

For Week 1, I did do the bonus challenge: I fought alongside my husband in a Belegarth practice session. It was surprisingly fun and a good workout to boot!

Belegarth: medieval combat with foam weapons. Full contact fun.

I did meet my exercise plan, but did not do fantastic with the diet/nutrition side. I realize I need to (a) have more healthy snacks at work so I’m not tempted to go for the candy jar, (b) be sure to plan ahead what I’m eating when going out with friends, or don’t go out with them (at least for meals), and (c) grocery shop more often. When we run out of food is when eating out increases. Bad for the diet.

Week 2 Bonus Challenge: Add in some 2-point and/or no-stirrup work to your rides this week.

Okay, on to horsie stuff.

This past Friday night we had a lovely trail ride with some of barn gals. T.K (ahead on the right in the photo) was on her horse completely bareback in just a halter and a lead. And there were some serious hills on the trail.

On Saturday we had a great jump lesson, focusing mostly on my positioning. We did a grid and Hemie was a very good boy, handling his first bounce jump with no issue. Only 2 weeks left until the Meadows derby…so excited!

2 comments on “Rider Fitness: Week 2 – Accountability Challenge

  1. OMG. You play Belegarth? That's AWESOME. I used to LARP in the south.


  2. My hubby does it pretty much every week (he's got the long blond hair in the photo), and I go on occasion just to show my support. This was the first real time I got in the action, and it was quite fun!


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