Early Days

Rider Fitness: Week 3 – Accountability Challenge

Week 2 went much better than week 1.  I really paid attention to what my trip-ups were so I could prevent them from happening again.  Planning is the key!  Overall I did good on my diet and I’ve stepped up the intensity of my exercise. However, I didn’t do nearly as much 2-point riding as I could have.

Week 3 Bonus Challenge: Think of a healthy habit to adopt or strengthen. Focus on adding or improving it this week.

I’m not sure yet which healthy habit I’m going to work on. I’m thinking stretching, drinking green tea, or focusing more on my posture at work.

As to horsie business, I have a lesson tonight since Laurie is going out of town for the latter half of the week. I didn’t get a lesson this past weekend because she was out of town on Saturday and had a horse show with another gal from the barn on Sunday. I’m feeling good with where I am with Hemie, so that’s fine. I’m still debating if I should do dressage or jumping tonight. Probably jumping so we can work on my position more before the show.

Happy Healthy Monday all!

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