Early Days

Derby Prep

This Sunday is our first derby. We’re doing jumping only (no dressage) in the Intro Beginner Novice (fences 1’8″) and the Easy Beginner Novice (fences 2’3″) divisions. In each division there will be approximately 11-15 jumps which will be a combination of stadium and cross country fences. I’m lucky #13, and #24.

My goal is to have at least one clean round. Since there’s only 2 entrants in each jumping-only division, so long as I don’t get eliminated I’m guaranteed at least a red ribbon. Is it bad mojo to wish for our first ribbon this weekend?

I’ve got a long To Do list before the show:

  1. Clean tack
  2. Clean horse
  3. Prep gear

Well, okay, the list only has 3 things. But #1 and #2 are gonna take forever, since my horse’s life mission seems to be to get as much dirt on his body as he can. And this translates into dirty tack in addition to dirty horse.

Lesson tonight – hopefully we’ll feel ready as can be!

6 comments on “Derby Prep

  1. Thanks!! The facility is less than 1 mile from my boarding barn, so if we have any trailer issues like you had, I'll just walk him down the road.


  2. Best of luck! Dream big – go for the blue. :0)


  3. Thank you! We'll be trying our best!


  4. Sounds like a blast! have fun!!!


  5. good luck! have fun!! :)


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