Early Days

Accountability Challenge Wrap Up

Firstly, thank you to everyone who sent their supportive words and vibes! Its nice to feel not so alone.

The final week of the 5 week Accountability Challenge was an epic failure. Zero food journaling, extremely minimal work-outs, and eating was so-so at best. Oh and I bombed the bonus challenge – zero meditation either. Interestingly I’m not terribly upset by this – as in, no major negative emotions, just an intellectual guilt. So, the overall goal of the challenge wasn’t achieved.

Also I’ve been a horrible horse mommy. Didn’t see Hemie all weekend due to moving (wow, talk about exhausting – maybe I did get my workouts in after all…).

BUT…I do have an update and it involves the D word. Dressage.

We had another dressage lesson last week and it was absolutely fabulous. Hemie is learning how to hold himself for longer periods of time while moving off of the leg. I’m re-learning how to post correctly in a dressage seat (I was in a jumping saddle for far too long!) and how to move his hips independently of the rest of him for better canter departures. He likes to counter-bend a lot, but inside leg is working on correcting that. He has a puzzle-solver brain, so he seems to be enjoying dressage a lot at this point. He really does try to work hard and figure out what is being asked of him.

There are a few small shows coming up, but honestly I don’t think I can afford anything right now. But I’m trying to think positive and work on myself so that when the money is there I can back it up with skill. This week the plan is to see Mr. Heems, food journal, workout, and continue unpacking the house.

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