Early Days

Random Horse Stuff Update

I’m having an ADD type of day today. Er week. Something. Anyways…horse stuff. Yeah.

Water Bucket Mystery
For about a month Bohemian has had an extra water bucket at the front of his stall (thank you Auntie J.D.!) in addition to the automatic waterer at the back. I saw him drink out of it several times the first week or so. Some time later, after making Hemie’s feed concoction, I dipped my hand in the bucket to rinse off the beet pulp sludge, shook off the excess water and carried on with my day. A few minutes later I noticed that my hand smelled. Bad. Really bad. I went back to the bucket. No poop in there. Not pee colored. No dead bodies of vermin. Clear (mostly) water. So I went in for a sniff…eeeewww. Bad.

So I dumped the water, scrubbed with A LOT of white vinegar, and refilled with fresh hose water.

Three days later. Same thing. Clear water, smells disgusting. Dump, vinegar scrub, refill. What the heck?

The next week, as I go up to Hemie’s stall to say hello, he comes over to me and steps a front foot in the mostly full water tub. I jump back, expecting a wet calamity. And what does Mr. TV star do? Casually withdraws his leg from the bucket.

Huh. My horse soaks his front feet in the water. Making the water smell horribly bad. I actually like that he soaks his feet. I think its healthy. But I’m keeping a close eye on his hooves just to make sure they’re not getting over-moisturized or develop thrush or anything.

Too Lazy to Wear Breeches
Lately I’ve been riding in jeans, or even in my workout slacks. Like Tuesday night. Do you like my pink gloves?

Also its now getting dark much earlier. Boo. My barn looks kinda cool/creepy at night time: 

Lesson tonight. Hopefully back to a more normal life schedule!!!!

3 comments on “Random Horse Stuff Update

  1. I ride in jeans about half the time too, but I am not a fan of how they fell in my tall boots, so I try to remember my breeches. Oh, and I like your pink glooves. :)


  2. I hate that it gets dark so early now.. and its only getting earlier!


  3. Soaking his feet? Funny boy!


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