Early Days

Back to back lessons

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to Nicku of the Polka Dot Periodical for getting engaged this past weekend! I love reading her blog and am just so happy for her and her fiancee! 
Bohemian and I have been doing well lately. We had back-to-back lessons Friday and Saturday, which is a special treat. 
Jumping on Friday was fun but challenging – I’m still struggling with my position and it does not seem to be significantly improving. My leg is too far forward, then too far back. I’m also sitting down too quickly after jumps – landing like a lump on his back. I’m worried that my practice rides are making it worse and not better. And part of me thinks it is time to get a saddle that actually fits me properly and puts me in the correct position. Meanwhile Bohemian continues to be very careful – willing but not brave at this point. But very smart and a quick learner.
Saturday was dressage and is started off a bit bumpy but then became quite lovely. Both Bohemian and I are learning about real outside rein connection. For example, I learned that its okay that the “feel” is stronger or softer on one side versus the other. Hemie is really good sport about the contact. And is holding himself quite well.
Hemie the handsome.

Lovely fall sky on Friday evening.

In other news, I wanted to share the below photo from riding the lovely Miss Paint up in Santa Barabra. This is one of my favorite views of all time – the El Capitan State Beach coastline, north of Goleta.

1 comment on “Back to back lessons

  1. Yeah, definitely see if you can try different saddles. It's not a cop out–they really make a difference.


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