Early Days

Shots Suck

Uhg. Got one of those texts earlier today. Hemie has a temperature following yesterday’s semi-annual shots, so no riding lesson tonight. Commence over-worrying horse mommy quasi-panic mode!

He didn’t have a reaction last time he got shots, so why the fever this time?  I left a message for the vet to find out what he got last time versus this time. If it was a 4+ combo I’ll try to get reduced/separated next time. Or do titers. Maybe give some bute the day of shots? Maybe not, since its the horse body’s way of fighting off the mini pseudo-infection from the vaccines. I dunno, I just feel so helpless for my Hemiekins.

Sickie poo.

I went out to see him after work, and he did seem a little listless. And his ears were not as forward as normal. I dunno – could just be me “seeing things”. But Hemie was not munching his hay, just kinda standing around.

Somehow he still managed to get himself covered in disgusting grimy grossness. Dirty boy. I spent several minutes grooming him in his stall and chatting with my fabulous barnmates. Another horse was getting body clipped so I took Hemie in to get his bridle path buzzed. Seeing Hemie in the light of the barn after my so-called grooming sesh? Uh…not so great. =P

As we stood waiting, I had Hemie do some neck stretches and rewarded him with treats. I’ve been doing this stretching as part of ground work training a few times now, getting him to figure out how to bend parts of his body, cross his hind legs, etc. Its great to do while he’s cooling down after evening rides in the cold weather, so that he doesn’t go directly back to munching food in his stall.

Anyway, the cookies seemed to stimulate his appetite, because back in his stall he munched some hay, drank some water. Phew, good sign. I’ll do a light hack tomorrow and take it from there.

4 comments on “Shots Suck

  1. Aw. Shots aren't fun. Hope he's back to normal in no time.


  2. Thanks you – I plan on using the cookie method to promote healing.


  3. Hoping he's feeling better quickly!


  4. Thanks! Turns out all he got was Rhino flu and West Nile, no big combos or anything, so we'll just have to keep an eye on it next time and make sure his reactions are just a small fever.


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