Early Days

Christmas Idiocy

It’s not even mid-November, and already the consumeristic holiday-themed marketing efforts have started rolling in. And the horse product industry is not above it.

Some of it’s entertaining, and some of it makes you wonder how humans have survived this long on the planet.

Crystal Clear Rhinestone Bling Band

On this past Monday’s Horses In The Morning radio show, a product called “BlingBands for Helmets” was featured as a holiday gift for horse people. As indicated by the name, this is a fashion jewelry band that goes around your helmet to add a little bling while you’re protecting your noggin. I’m a sucker for all things sparkly, so of course they had me thinking “ooh, I like shiny things, this is a great idea for my Xmas list…”

Until the price tag came up. $30.00 to $50.00. I almost spit my coffee all over my windshield.

My dear readers, I have nothing against entrepreneurs, but does it bother anyone else that products, when specifically marketed to horse-people, magically are overpriced by a factor of 7 as compared to their “non-horsey” counterparts??

Allow me to present a “bling bands for helmets” knock off product for people who actually care about their bank accounts:

Braided Double Headband

That’s right. A cute headband. Available at Claire’s for under $7.00. Blingy, silver, gold, or exotic like multi-colored Zebra. And you wont cry if you lose or damage it, because it was $7.00 and not $50.00. 

Neon Zebra Print Stretch Headband Set  Beaded Stretch Headband Shiny Beaded Headband

I’m very interested to see what the horse product industry puts out this year for their holiday marketing campaigns. Its starting off quite entertaining!

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