Early Days

Riding in the Rain

Posting via iPhone Blogger for the first time.

Lessons were canceled yesterday due to the rain, but I went out anyway to drop off some feed. It was only a light drizzle, and I decided to tack up and see how the footing on the trail was (arenas were locked). I figured that it was an opportunity to see what Hemie thinks about riding in the rain.

He thinks its exciting. :)

Footing on the trails was okay over all, but the final hill coming down was a bit sloshy. Twice on the trail he tossed his head, so after getting back to the barn I put a rain sheet on him and put him in one of the sand turnouts. In the words of the barn manager, “That was the biggest buck I’ve ever seen! What a good horse for being a gentleman with you on the trail!”

Indeed. He proceeded to get as dirty as he could. Silly boy.

Hopefully these pictures come out!

4 comments on “Riding in the Rain

  1. It kind of cracks me up that your arenas get locked for rain… gotta love CA!


  2. Love it! I ride in the rain, when we have any, without worry. It's a bit of an adventure! :0)


  3. Yeah. Isn't eventing supposed to be an all weather sport?


  4. Glad I ain't the only one! Its just water, after all…


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