Early Days

Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m thankful for a trainer and best friend who came with me to meet Bohemian and sign my name on the dotted line. We were a bit crazy for getting him without seeing him outside of his stall. But it worked out all right. =]
I’m thankful for a husband that said yes at the right time, and who wholeheartedly supports the horse habit in every way possible. 
I’m thankful that my horse turned out to be amazing. And cuddly.
I’m thankful he gets along with other horses and enjoys regular time as a herd (well…herd of 2).
I’m thankful for JD, LS, SK, KT, AY, AS, CS, and all the other barn gals for being so generous, kind, friendly, and fabulous all the time.
I’m thankful that God has blessed me with Bohemian and an entire network of loving and supportive friends and family. 
May you have a happy Thanksgiving holiday!

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