Early Days

Stalled out

I haven’t ridden in over a week. I’m still hobbling around, though markedly better than before. And my trainer ride got rained out. My after work trips to see Hemie have involved just feeding him and maybe a quick grooming. And of course cuddling with Journey, the barn cat who really would rather be a house cat.
This weekend was drizzly and grey. 
The fields on the way to and from the barn.

My co-pilot Levi all buckled up!

Bohemian got a turn out. The arenas are still closed and my knee isn’t in good enough shape to longe or ride.

 He promptly played and rolled in the mud. But even covered in grossness he is so handsome, isn’t he?

Levi and Hemie are buddies, cruising around the mud together.
I’ve asked Laurie to put a ride on Hemie as soon as weather allows. I thinks its the safest thing to do. I’m hoping to be back in the saddle by the end of the week because…
…there’s a local schooling show next weekend, with a cross country schooling with trainer Debbie Rosen the day before!!  Please join me in wishing for (a) no more rain, and (b) quick and final healing for my body!

1 comment on “Stalled out

  1. Good luck!! That rain looks crazy for your part of the world. :)


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