Early Days

5 Rainy Day Horse Activities

For when Mother Nature tells you that you’re riding goals are less important than plants needing water.


1. Trick Training
Does your horse know how to give you a kiss? Smile for the camera? Count out 1, 2, 3?  Trick training can be done in the comfort of your stall or paddock, or in the crossties. There’s plenty of free materials online as well as books, DVDs, and even trainers. Your horse will think of it as a fun game, and it will help build your communication skills.

2. Mane Pulling
This is what I did tonight. Rings still to sloshy to ride in :[   I don’t actually pull his mane in the traditional sense, I use old clipper blades to tease and trim instead.

Before/Part way 
After. So handsome!

3. Emergency & Disaster Prep
Assemble (or double check) your first aid kit’s supplies. Thank about your natural disaster preparedness and fill in any gaps you may have (my previous post on the topic here). Not sure if you have a complete first aid kit? Here’s a great video:

By SummerWindsDesign on Etsy

4. Horsey Arts & Crafts Projects
Horse hair bracelet. Painted/bejeweled horse shoe paperweight. Decorate your tack box/bag/brushes. Make a horse binder or calendar. Make photo collages or albums. The list goes on!

5. Read a Book or Watch a DVD
I’m not really talking Black Stallion here. More like an equitation book, a horse nutrition book, sports psychology book – something stimulating and that you can apply later. DVDs of clinics can be good. And there’s lots of great articles and YouTube videos online of course!

For those with OTTBs like myself, this video of Eric Dierks may be of use to you! From the Retired Racehorse Trainers Challenge of 2012.

If you have more ideas, please feel free to share!

1 comment on “5 Rainy Day Horse Activities

  1. All great ideas. It doesn't rain here very often so my projects get put off for a long time! I tend to do those projects in the summer when it's 105! :0)


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