Early Days

Knee & Saddle Search Update

It’s been 18 days since I feel off and hurt my knee and haven’t been able to ride. Feels like an eternity.

Last week I realized the healing had plateaud and it was time to make a doctor’s appointment. I see an orthopedic specialist tomorrow morning. I’m really hoping there is a magical pill, injection, or electro-zapping machine that can instantly heal me (or at least clear me for riding). At this point I can’t straighten my knee all the way, it hurts if I move it wrong, gets achy if I stand or walk around for 10 minutes, and is stiff after sitting for a bit. I’m using a leg brace and Salonpas pain patches (by the way – they work!). It’s been a long time since I’ve had an injury, and I sure hope this is the last one. Ever.

Stubben Roxane

But on to happier things: the saddle search! An old barn mate and friend is the Stubben rep for northern California, and while he was down in the area visiting friends he graciously came out to do a fitting on Hemie. It was quite informative. In short, my current saddle is much too big! And here I thought it was too small!

He showed me that I was looking at the wrong area for correct saddle sizing, and demonstrated with a Stubben tree frame. I had been focusing on the fit at his shoulders, when the proper place to fit is directly behind the shoulder, on either side of the spine. My horse needs a medium tree (size 29 for Stubben).

The Stubben that has caught my eye is the Roxane model. With front and rear blocks, it has a reputation for helping to place the rider in a correct seat. There’s a used one from a friend-of-a-friend that I’ll be trying out this Thursday, and there’s another used one at the local tack shop I’ll try if that one doesn’t work out.

4 comments on “Knee & Saddle Search Update

  1. I love saddle fit; it is such an interesting art form. When I had my saddle reflocked/fit in June, I discovered that it fit my Arab pretty well, but was a wee bit wide for my TB. I was quite surprised.

    Hope the knee heals quickly. :0)


  2. Oooo man girl you could have just won the quickest saddle hunt ever!


  3. I like the Roxanne.

    I've never actually sat in it, but it's pretty to look at. So it goes.

    Hope they find something fixable. That doesn't sound fun at all. :(


  4. Ooh, I know what a pain (literally) bung knees can be, hope it gets better quickly :-/. I had a Roxane GP for a horse I had a few years ago – I quite liked it, though as with many (at least older model) Stubbens, the seat was fairly hard. Good luck with your saddle hunt!


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