Early Days

Virtual Clinic

Allow me to share a fascinating discovery:


Videos available to watch, for free, from the George Morris clinic. I just watched “Day 1 – Anne Kursinski Flat Work” which was about an hour long. Their live streaming has been advertised a lot, but since I work during the day I  knew that wouldn’t work for me. But they also have recorded sessions you can watch anytime, and its *professionally* videotaped. Multiple angles, panning in and out, so you can actually see the rider’s movements from both sides and from a great view.

Good reminders on things I already know, old things said in new ways, and some new new things too. My main takeaways:

  • Starting the ride by seeing how the horse responds to and moves off of leg aids.
  • Release rein pressure to reward performance without letting it all go.
  • Constantly, constantly changing contact pressure. 
  • Forward. Straight. 
  • Finesse and subtlety comes from correct position and a horse who has been trained to mind the aids.
  • Patience through naughtiness, not overreacting – firm but not dramatic. Not emotional. 
  • Cantering one on lead and holding a bend, doing serpentines (turning around).
Tonight I longed Hemie and he seemed a tad less sore compared to Tuesday. He was turned out today with his girlfriend Pixie and apparently they were running around like crazy horses, so I was thinking he might show more soreness/sensitivity due to his antics today. But so far, so good. 
My trainer and barn mates have expressed a mixed set of feelings about Hemie going barefoot, but so far I’m still on board for trying this out. 

3 comments on “Virtual Clinic

  1. USEF has lots of great things to watch! I have been addicted for years! :)


  2. Great pointers, the only one I disagree with is the changing contact constantly. Did they express why? I know I am always taught to keep a steady contact on at least one rein. Maybe I should head over and learn…lol


  3. I believe her idea is that there is always varying levels of contact as you are constantly asking for something, then rewarding (with lighter contact), then asking for something, then rewarding, and only using the amount needed for various exercises. =)


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