Early Days

Short Term Plans

I’ve been ruminating on a 2013 goals post for a while, but was getting frazzled and overwhelmed trying to think past the next few months. Sometimes you gotta just break things up into bite sized pieces. So here goes mine and Bohemian’s short term plans.

1. Plan rides/exercises that will be kind to my recovering knee and to Hemie’s newly barefoot front hooves for the next 3 to 4 weeks. Basically that means no jumping (too much concussion on newly barefoot hooves, as well as increasing chances of my falling off – very bad for the knee), avoiding hard footing (no trails, again for the hooves), and starting off with short walk-trot rides where I’m sure to carry a whip (for my knee).

Love this. 

2. Take this as an opportunity to really work on our dressage – I’d like us to feel solid with Training level movements (great description here), especially the moving freely forward part, since Hemie will sometimes get “stuck” going up and down instead of forward when he is confused or frustrated. Also I need to focus on achieving right bend without having that shoulder fall in, nor let it fall out when tracking left.

3. Once we are both a bit more solid on our feet, start hitting the trails. We’ve been really missing them since November, and I think hacking out is healthy for both of us – mind, body and spirit.

4. Start thinking about the show season and cross country schooling. Ideally I’d like to school at least 2 different cross country locations that we haven’t been to before entering our first real horse trials. Shepherd, Ram Tap and Twin Rivers have “intro” level jumps available.

In other short-term future news, we are moving barns! It’s 95% certain we’re moving to a few facility in about a month. Plans will be locked down in the next day or so and I’ll have more to report.

Saturday Bohemian’s fecal test came back negative for worms (whew!) and again I can’t say enough good things about Horsemen’s Laboratory. Maybe I can start backing off some of the bags upon bags of feed I buy him every month…

And finally, I’m happy to report that Hemie’s front hooves are adjusting very well to their new nudist state. He was a bit tender for the first 3 days but has been quite fabulous ever since. No chipping or flaking either, which is good. =)

1 comment on “Short Term Plans

  1. Small steps are the way to do it


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