Early Days

Creeping forwards

Horsey-life has felt bogged down lately. Its been windy and cold, and I’m sick of it still being so dark by the time I get off of work (5:30 pm). We are still making progress in our training, but its much slower than our normal pace.

Hemie had a colic scare on Monday. Not the classic signs, but enough abnormal behavior that a barn-mate called me and Laurie. Laurie graciously went right over to check on him, but decided he was just fine. I left work a little early to go visit him in the daylight. Besides being girthy (a new development in the last few weeks) he was okay. He pooped, ate, drank. But being a nervous mommy I have been checking on him constantly.

As to the girthiness, I’m thinking it has to do with his fluffy coat. He is fine when I tighten the girth, but doesn’t like when I slip my hand inside it or shift it forwards. My gut feeling is that its tugging his hair, so I’m thinking of clipping his girth area. As if he wasn’t silly enough looking already with my failed attempts at cute patterns.

It’s been 2 weeks since we pulled his shoes, and so far so good. I’m still gonna give it another few weeks before introducing jumping or trail rides. Even though I’m so bored of cold, dark, lonely dressage practice rides. The other day it was so windy I ended my ride after only 5 minutes and we worked on our “jog-ups” by doing an in-hand working trot, then a square halt, several times all the way around the arena. Hemie was pro. I rolled my ankle and had to call it a day. -_-

We’ve got back-to-back lessons Friday and Saturday. Hopefully that will make me feel a little bit more productive. Laurie went to the Galway Downs fundraiser clinic, so I think I’ll be getting some fun, new concepts thrown at me.

5 comments on “Creeping forwards

  1. I'm glad Hemie is ok! Have fun in your back to back lessons!


  2. So glad it wasn't a winter colic. Has he ever had ulcers? or tummy problems? I keep my mares on U-guard now, but Pia got REALLY girthy when all her physical issues started coming to a head and I think she stressed herself into some ulcers… Just a thought. I also know a few horses who get girthy in the winter from slight dehydration and the ensuing “upset stomach.” Not a full colic but a cranky digestive track…

    The irritating fur makes sense too though, not sure I would have thought about that :)


  3. Do you use a fluffy girth? Even clipped, our horses prefer fleece to leather this time of year.


  4. I've only had him 8 months, but no ulcer or tummy problems or symptoms until this. I don't think dehydration is it because he's a very good drinker. Good things for me to think about!


  5. No, neither my girths are fluffy, so maybe I should look into that. For dressage I use the Wintec chafeless elastic dressage girth, and for jumping lately I've been borrowing a leather strappy one since my old elastic girth doesn't fit the new saddle.


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