Early Days

Pleasantly Plump Cakes

Last week I won my first Facebook contest! And what’s better, I won something horsey!

Allow me to present a new item on the market: Pleasantly Plump Cakes horse treats. They’re a new business based out of Simi Valley, California, and let me tell you – they are on to something here.

For winning their FB contest we received a 16 oz container of “Sweet Apple Kicker” flavored cookies. As any good horse mommy does, I immediately turned the container over to inspect the ingredients list.     Let me share:

Wholesome ingredients you cook with at home! 

Not only can I pronounce all of the ingredients, but I actually know what they are! There was nothing in there that I personally wouldn’t eat so….you guessed it: I ate one! My husband almost spewed soda out of his nose while shouting “but those are HORSE treats!

I decided not to mention that I’ve tried all types of hay, grain, pellets, and cookies – pretty much everything short of medicine.**

Back to the cakes. It was pretty tasty, and it certainly did have apple in there. Very soft and chewy, which I liked but Bohemian had to get used to. The first one I fed to him he waggled his head up and down while chewing and he gave me the googly eyes. He dropped half the cookie out, and wasn’t interested in the 2nd half. I gave it to Pixie Dust and she loved it. So I gave her another one.

Soft and chewy, so you can break in half
 or even quarters easily.
Approx same size as a
Mrs. Pastures or Paddock Cakes.

The next day I gave Hemie another cookie, and he was definitely more into it this time. He understood the chewing part, and eagerly looked for more!

Overall this is a great horse treat. It’s easy to break this cookie in half, and because it’s soft it doesn’t crumble everywhere when you do so. It’s made with wholesome ingredients and comes in convenient packaging. Clearly lots of love has been put into these cookies!

To get more information, please visit their Facebook pages:
http://www.facebook.com/pleasantlyplumpcakeshorsetreats – Business/Product Page

http://www.facebook.com/pleasantlyplump.cakes – Contact the Owners

Yes, that is a human-sized bite missing…

**Note: this has gotten me into big trouble. See #3 on my Product Reviews page.

4 comments on “Pleasantly Plump Cakes

  1. Those look tasty! Congratulations :D


  2. I never win anything! Congrats!


  3. Everyone at work teases me mercifully because I taste EVERYTHING that I feed my horses, but I won't use the silverware in our lounge as it might be “germy!”


  4. Those look delish!


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