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Equestrian Bucket List

This post has been inspired by bucket list posts at  Viva Carlos, She Moved to Texas, and The Roany Pony.

Childhood Bucket List
When I was younger and doing saddle seat, my ultimate goal was to compete at the American Saddlebred Horse Association (ASHA) World’s Championship Horse Show which takes place at the Kentucky State Fair every year in Louisville, KY. This is the penultimate Saddlebred competition in the world. I had the privilege to attend and watch some years back with my mom, and it is by far the biggest and coolest horse show I’ve ever been to. Here’s a video giving you a glimpse of the excitement of stake night:

To be honest I don’t know if showing there is still something that is on my life’s list or not. I love saddlebreds and I can still appreciate many aspects of saddleseat, but clearly my horsey life has taken a different direction.

Debbie Rosen & The Alchemyst at Rolex

Travel & Experiences

1. Go to Kentucky to watch the Rolex 3 Day Event live in person!

2. Take a full-fledged horsey vacation – pack riding through the rocky mountains, or a dressage intensive in Europe, or the Irish bed-and-breakfast rides.

3. Shop for a horse (all my horses have come to me in one way or another – I’ve never actually shopped for my own horse before).

4. Own a foal, and raise it.

Training & Showing

1. Compete at Twin Rivers in Paso Robles. A lovely facility.

Twin Rivers Ranch

2. Take a Jimmy Wofford clinic.

3. Finish a HT on my dressage score.

4. Finish a HT on a good dressage score.

5. Compete a full or partial saddlebred in eventing.

8 comments on “Equestrian Bucket List

  1. I think you can do all of those things! Saddlebreds are cool horses and more versatile than people give them credit for.


  2. Sounds like a great list!

    I would love to go to Kentucky and watch a lot of the events! :)


  3. =) Great idea for the post.


  4. Thanks! Yeah Kentucky is certainly a horse hub. Lots of gorgeous farms, and events all the time.


  5. Great list…. A full-fledged horsey vacation is on mine too. Hubby and I are counting the years until our daughter is old enough for us to go here: http://southcross.com/, then eventually do one those Ireland b&b rides!


  6. Love the list, and I agree I had the pleasure of being one of the first riders of a young saddlebred named Jewel who we broke to jump. She was a very cool horse, beautiful Hunter.


  7. Great list. Come to Rolex! If I still reside in the Bluegrass state we could meet up :) It is a super fun experience.


  8. Not so out of reach! Pick one, get it done, and go for another! A few years ago I wanted to do a riding trip like you mentioned. I picked Ireland, saved my pennies, and went alone. It can be done – I had a great time, too!


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