Early Days

Camera Cars

Firstly, there’s an easy and fabulous contest going on at She Moved to Texas so check it out to enter to win some ShowSheen!
Fairly soon after I adopted Hemie, I was invited to join a Facebook group started by a friend-of-a-friend who also adopted a horse from the HBO TV series Luck. I joined it and for the first few months it was mostly just gals like myself sharing pictures and stories about retraining their Luck horses for new careers.
But then I noticed some exciting activity going on – people from the TV show’s production crew were now a part of the group and offering some insight on some of our equine stars!  Allow me to share:

Squeeee!! So cool!! No wonder he handles things so well.

Here’s a photo of another Luck horse, Monty, with the camera car.

I admit that I haven’t actually watched any of the show, but I think I should especially to see if I can pick out my horse in the last two episodes.

Cute aside: right after we got Hemie, my husband went on youtube and found a racing clip from Luck. “There’s Bohemian!” he said, pointing to the token bay in the racing scene (they’ve got a black, a chestnut, a grey, a liver…). They have leg wraps and eye blinkers on, not to mention some of them are painted to match other horses. I had no idea if that horse was Hemie or not. I tried to explain this to Rick but…well, you know how horse husbands are.

12 comments on “Camera Cars

  1. Cool! It's such an interesting back-story for a horse to have. You should get Bohemian to write his autobiography like Black Beauty did….
    “I grew up on a little farm…. became a race horse…. next I was an actor…. then I was chosen to be a sportshorse with a nice girl….”


  2. Too cool! Now you HAVE to watch the last two episodes, just to see your celebrity horse!


  3. That is so cool!!! I agree you have to watch the show now!


  4. How cool is it that your pony is a celebrity! Does he do autographs?


  5. Sooooo cool! I've seen a few episodes so ill have to keep a look out for him!


  6. Haha cute idea!


  7. Yeah seriously! But do I watch the whole beginning of the season first so that I know what's going on in the last 2…?


  8. He will do hoofographs if you bribe with cookies. ;]


  9. If you think you spot him, let me know!


  10. Yeah! Need to buy it or do that HBO streaming thing or something…


  11. That guy on the front of the car is insane! I never watched Luck, but might have to see if I can find it. Wonder if it is on Netflix.


  12. I watched a few episodes, but there just wasn't enough horse time for me ;)Now I will have to watch Hemie's episodes, how cool!


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