Early Days

Miss Pix

This is Pixie Dust, an 8 year old Rhineland/TB mare. Big, bold, and beautiful.

Pixie on the left, Hemie on the right.

She is Hemie’s girlfriend. They’ve been friends and neighbors for a year, and even got to play together in the turnout many times. She’s a sassy momma but a lovely and talented horse.

Unfortunately she hurt herself a few months ago, possibly from trying to kick out at Hemie when they were next door neighbors in pipe corrals, potentially getting a leg stuck over or in a fence for some unknown amount of time. It was a very unusual lameness issue that ultimately turned out to be a very small bone fracture in the hip where a tiny piece of bone flaked off and the surrounding muscles and tissues are sore. 

The vets at Alamo Pintado prescribed 4 months of stall rest followed by 2 months of hand-walking followed by very gradual increase back into work. They predict a full recovery, but allow for the possibility that there might be an issue jumping. Pixie is in her 2nd month of stall rest, I believe. 

Sadly, due to life/family circumstances, her owner J.D. has been looking for a new home for Pixie. Its a very challenging time to re-home a horse. If she was fully sound I’m sure J.D. could sell her for a pretty penny, being such a lovely warmblood with several months of full training under her belt, going BN successfully and schooling N/T. Even if she won’t make a full recovery to jumping, she’s a heck of a mover and has scored well in dressage.

This coming Saturday she is being taken to Thoroughbred Rehab Center, Inc. which is the organization through which I adopted Bohemian. They will be taking over all responsibility for the horse and will be finding her a new home either during or after her recovery and rehab. They specialize in advanced recovery therapies for ex-racehorses.   

If you are looking for a new horse, or know someone who is, then I hope you will contact me for more info about Miss Pix. She’s a good mare who will make someone a very loving mount. Judges adore her, and in terms of value she’s at a steal of a bargain right now. Warmblood + pretty + training = $$$. If board wasn’t so expensive and if I had just wee bit more time, I’d seriously consider her as a resale project. Just get her through rehab (slowly and safely of course) and then to a few dressage shows, then sell her to a great home.

My blog post title is a double-entendre. I call her Miss Pix but I also am going to miss Pix when she is gone. 
Bye bye and best wishes, pretty girl. Hope you end up in a wonderful home.

3 comments on “Miss Pix

  1. I hope she find a perfect home! She is gorgeous!


  2. Hope she finds a great situation.


  3. Thank you! I sure do too. She has so much potential and its a sad situation all around.


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