Early Days

No Worms!

Image from google search that led here.

First of all…ALERT! There is a gross picture of an actual worm in my horse’s poop down below. You have been warned.  

Following Hemie’s positive fecal test for worms in April, I gave him one tube of the double-dose fenbendazole. And the next day I did what only strange horse bloggy gals would do: get up close and personal with my horse’s poop to inspect for worms, and document via iphone camera.

10 points if you can find the worms within 5 seconds.

They are small and red. One on each side of the poop – left and right (the one on the left is hard to see at this angle). According to intensive googling, these are small strongyles aka small redworms, not the roundworms that he also tested positive for. 
The good news is that 3 weeks later we re-tested, and happily the results came back negative. I pre-paid for a few more fecal tests, and we’ll continue to recheck every quarter. 

3 comments on “No Worms!

  1. Atlwast you know they are exiting!


  2. Yes, thank goodness for fecal testing because it really does give you peace of mind!


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