Early Days

B-day & Hubby ride!

Firstly, I’m a tad embarrassed to admit that I forgot my horse’s birthday.  Bohemian turned 8 years old ~2 weeks ago on May 20th!!

He got lots of carrots and cookies and pats the day before since we did the dressage show, but still.  It’s also somewhat confusing since I’ve been calling him 8 since the beginning of the year…and now he really is.

Anyway, in other fun news, I finally got my husband to ride Hemie! And I have proof!

This was right after a jump lesson, while Laurie was around to supervise and give him a micro-lesson.

Rick is actually a natural at riding, but it’s been 3 years since he has been on a horse, and even then his rides have mostly been on bomb-proof packer trail horses. It took him a few minutes to find his seat (and I really should have lowered his stirrups much more than I did!), but then he did quite well.

Hemie was a very good boy. Like, amazingly tolerant. He was trying very hard to figure out what Rick was asking him to do, and he was just a trooper the whole time. 
We did about 5 to 10 minutes of walking with a little bit of trotting and Laurie said that she had to go to another appointment, ending the ride. She suggested that future rides with Rick be done in a roundpen for safety until he gets his seat back a little more. I walked her to the gate, then turned back to see Rick cantering down at the other end of the arena.  Husband BUSTED!  Men, they just do not listen, do they?! Rick had wanted to trot over a pole and clearly he and Hemie has a miscommunication. Luckily they both seemed to be laughing through it, as Hemie came right back down to a walk and Rick stayed in the tack. Overall I’m pretty proud of both my boys. =)

3 comments on “B-day & Hubby ride!

  1. Haha you're brave! Tim has a good seat but I haven't let him trot let alone canter :)


  2. I love watching hubby's ride. Mine actually does pretty well, he just kinda goes with the flow. Happy belated b-day Hemie!


  3. Ahhhh Yeah hubby! Good job!


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