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Thank you for adopting

Random cool thing. 
My vet, when he recently came to do Hemie’s exam and radiographs, said something on a personal note that has stuck with me in a heart warming way.
He personally thanked me for adopting a horse. 
I’m sure I laughed it off that our partnership was meant to be, or that my trainer is the one who should be thanked, or some other awkward remark one makes when one receives an unexpected compliment of sorts.
His thanks felt weird because I didn’t *intend* to adopt a horse. At no point did I think “Gee, I am in need of a horse, and I shall choose to adopt one rather than purchase one in order to make a difference and help ensure that a disadvantaged animal gets a good home.” Or anything of that nature whatsoever. In fact, I believe that making sure riders acquire horses that are appropriate and safe for them is much, much more important than the concept of adopting versus buying a horse. Adopting a horse is simply not practical or safe for some riders. 
But still. Dr. Liskey’s comment made me realize that even absent the intent, and no matter the circumstances, the action is still there and adopting a horse does make a difference. So I’d like to honor his thankfulness by passing it on. 
To anyone who has adopted a horse, past or present, no matter your original intent or circumstances: 

2 comments on “Thank you for adopting

  1. Ah love this!! I never thought about it either and I think I got the good end of the deal 'adopting' Henry :)


  2. That's very sweet of your vet :)


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