Early Days

Spectator –> Competitor

This weekend was awesome.

Karen of Bakersfield Dressage came to my neck of the woods for a Dr. Christian Schacht clinic (click here to read my recap from his clinic back in January). She hung out while Hemie and I played over a few jumps, then she bravely got on and Hemie was a good sport and tootled around. Then we enjoyed some delish sushi!

Random weird thing that I’d love some opinions on. So we are at sushi and a waitress notices my half-chaps and boots and strikes up a friendly horsey conversation. Long story short, she just got her equine masseuse certification and is looking to establish her clientele and is willing to give great pricing. I got her name and number. So here’s the question: would you be willing to let a newly certified equine masseuse work on your horse? On the one hand I like the idea of massage therapy, and it being affordable – but on the other hand, could she hurt Hemie on accident since she is inexperienced? Would I be able to tell if he doesn’t like it? Opinions welcome!

Saturday I went with J.D. up to the lovely Shepherd Ranch at Santa Ynez to watch cross-country day of their June horse trails. It was a picture perfect day. Sunny and warm but breezy.

Upper water complex

We watched some excellent rounds, and also some nail-biting ones. It was nice to socialize and network and cheer on fellow riders. Laurie had a rider there and she rocked the Novice course like she does this every weekend, when in fact it has been over a year (maybe several years) since she’s done eventing.  Its always good when riders your coach trains have safe and fun rounds.

Training level bench jump

I walked the Intro level course and felt it would be doable. In fact I also walked the BN level course and thought that looked doable too. Maybe a few of the Novice questions too. =]  I seriously am feeling so inspired and excited for our July 13th schooling and to sign up for Shepherd’s August HT. I am just so ready to go from spectator to competitor. I’m feeling impatient in the good kinda way.

Lower water complex
 Another great thing about going here is realizing just how many different eventing trainers and barns we have in Southern California. I love Laurie and hope to be her client for the long haul, but its also good to know that there are lots of other trainers out there to clinic with. Simply paying attention at these events will tell you which ones are good and which ones are questionable…
Lovely Santa Ynez backdrop

8 comments on “Spectator –> Competitor

  1. Hmmm idk what to say about the massage lady…

    Great pictures though and it sounds like a fun weekend!


  2. I don't think a new masseuse could hurt him, but go with your gut.


  3. On the other end of the stick, new people are just out of school and things are fresh in their mind.


  4. I am glad the course walk went so well, and I can't wait to hear about your success there in August!!!! Regarding the masseuse: I'd totally call her up. You'll know if Hemie doesn't like it. I give my horses a massage all the time and I have no idea what I am doing. They tell me if I've hit the right spot or not. At least she has some sort of training. :0)


  5. I'd definitely use her! As long as she avoids bone, she really can't go wrong with the muscles.


  6. Go for it with the masseuse, very hard for her to hurt him, at worst he just wont benefit from it. That looks like a fun course.


  7. Ditto what Speedy said. I would give her a call. I doubt she would hurt Hemie. Maybe ask what school she went to and look it up? I have let inexperienced human massage therapists work on me and I feel like they were just as good just maybe a little awkward as they don't have the same flow and arent as comfortable. A half dressed person and a horse are totally diff though :)


  8. Thanks everyone!! I'm gonna meditate on the masseuse more since it's not like I have extra $$$$ lying around! =P


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