Early Days

Track My Hack

(Track My Hack is actually the name of an iPhone app from WoofWear that lets you track info about your rides. I downloaded it some months ago but still haven’t remembered to turn it on before trail rides. It’s free, so you might as well try it. =P)
Over the last few weeks the weather has been spectacular and I’ve been making it a priority to go on a trail ride at least every other week. Unfortunately we have to ride on the shoulder of a busy road for a short stretch to get to the trail area. Luckily Tynan and her lovely mare Roxy are game to go with us and help lead the way through some trouble areas (although Hemie is surprisingly good).
Some photos from ~2 weeks ago…
Ronald Reagan Library at the top of the hill.

Tynan aboard Roxie.

Hemie’s crazy mane that likes to be on both sides. teehee.

And from this past week…

Dead snake in bottom right. And yes, Tynan is riding bareback. Next to a busy road.

And did I mention that Tynan rides sans bridle or halter? Even on trail rides!
Random selfie of me and the pony! Yes, I wear my helmet and both safety vests when on trail.

17 comments on “Track My Hack

  1. That's amazing that she rides without a saddle or bridle on the trails! I can't even imagine!


  2. Ahhh love the pictures!

    Been to the RR library many times :)


  3. Love trail rides. :) Glad you guys are getting out there and doing it.


  4. Tackless is a bit too wild for me! Bareback sure but usually at the safety of home. I would totally download that app if I had more access to fun trails. We just have 1. And you would have to try really hard to make it more than a loop.


  5. I want a Roxy! Glad to see pics from someone else who rides in dead grass land during the summer. Its hard seeing all those lush east coast pics all the time ;)


  6. I definitely want a bridle, saddle and reins when I trail ride :) I love your fly bonnet!


  7. No helmet, tack or saddle for trail rides? Crikey!
    Those look like nice trails tho :)


  8. Hi! I'm a new follower. I found your blog through the liebster award from Life of Riley, man do I love all the new blogs I'm finding through this award!

    I was surprised to scroll through your posts and recognize where you are! I drive by the big house on 680 on my way to the barn everyday :)



  9. And okay, I just realized you said it was the Ronal Reagan Library on top of the hill, so maybe you live nowhere near where I thought you did…but theres a house on my way to my barn that looks EXACTLY like the house in the second picture, and so does the surrounding land! So Funny!


  10. Yeah! People constantly pull up along side us in cars to comment on it. Luckily her horse is totally cool with cars and rolling down windows etc etc =)


  11. Funny enough I've only been there once when I was a kid and I hardly remember it…I really should go sometime…


  12. =) Thanks me too


  13. When you're bored, you can use the app when in an arena or open area and try to ride out shapes or words =P


  14. Yes…the golden state…more like brownish yellow! Ironically I've never been interested in riding Roxie, because although she can do everything bareback and bridleless, she can also buck to high heaven at the most random things!


  15. Thanks! and me too, along with a helmet and a vest.


  16. Yeah, I'm glad we have a combo of roads and dirt paths.


  17. Welcome and thanks for reading!! I'll check out your blog. It's nice to have lovely homes and buildings nearby to look at. Or at least that's better than buildings that are in poor repair!


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